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Therapeutic shiatsu and wellbeing - "needle-free acupuncture"

      I practice shiatsu on a massage table. During the treatment, I apply pressure with my   palms, thumbs and fingers to your entire body.


     Disrobing is not required - the massage is applied through loose, comfortable clothing.


    The shiatsuki (shiatsu practitioner) applies pressure to the network of twelve acupuncture meridians that cross the body, as well as to the muscles. I work on the shoulders, back, legs, abdomen, thorax, arms, neck and head, rebalancing the body’s energy flow and eliminating blockages that can result from stress, tension, fatigue, illness, joint pain, cramps, etc. 

Stretching techniques are also used to improve flexibility.

     This holistic physical therapy brings a wealth of benefits:


   - shiatsu promotes physical and mental wellbeing (alleviates pain, fatigue and   stress)

  - shiatsu supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance   itself

   - shiatsu is complementary to other treatments

   - shiatsu stimulates recovery and tonicity


   Shiatsu originated in Japan and is based on traditional Chinese medicine.

   In 1954  it was officially recognised as a form of medical therapy in Japan.

   I recommend starting with a few treatments in quick succession, followed by one session every 2 to 3 weeks.


     - Thrombosis

    - Severe osteoporosis, chronic inflammation

    - Recent fracture

    - Early stages of pregnancy (up to three months)



27, rue Dr Laennec, 56550 Belz

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